Bukovyna occupies the lands between the mountainous region of Hutsul’shchyna to the west, and the flat plateau of Podillia to the east, acting as a zone of transition between the distinct landscapes. The region was named after the Beech forests which dominate much of the landscape. The Bukovynian region is shared between Ukraine, and Romania to the south.

Bukovynian costuming is quite similar to Podillia, with women wearing a tight, wrapped skirt and shirt with dark embroidery. Men wear looser fitting pants than other western Ukrainian regions, and tunic style shirts. The sleeveless Bukovynian coats or vests help distinguish costuming from the very similar outfits worn in Podillia. Choreography incorporates heavy use of stomping and syncopated steps. Bukovynian choreography is some the most technically difficult of all Ukrainian dance.